Sustainable Solutions

Quadra Green & Better Choice product line address the industry need for more sustainable ingredients and chemical solutions.

A Green product is one that has been certified by a globally recognized standard of sustainability. These certifications can speak to the inherent greener attributes of a product (e.g. Natural), its social attributes (e.g. Fair Trade), its supply chain (e.g. RSPO), and other industry relevant attributes (e.g. No animal testing for Personal Care).

A Better Choice product must be, first and foremost, a demonstrated more sustainable alternative to what is traditionally used. It’s sustainability attributes must be materially grounded into one or more of the 12 principles of Green Chemistry, which we adopted to ensure rigor in the assessment of   greener chemistry.

Green & Better Choice Products by Industry

Personal Care

Quadra can meet the demands of "natural" personal care expectations with a range of naturally derived ingredients supplied by socially responsible partners.

Human Health

From plant-based and natural products to certified organics and Non-GMO project verified, Quadra offers a large range of sustainable solutions to the human health industry.

Food Ingredients

From USDA Certified Organic products to Non-GMO project verified, clean label, and natural ingredients, we offer a large range of sustainable products to the food ingredients industry.

Oil & Gas / Energy

Quadra offers a sizeable range of sustainable chemical solutions and greener alternatives to the Oil and Gas industry.


Quadra supports sustainable mining framework and offers sustainable chemical solutions and green chemistry to the mining industry.

Soluble Fertilizer and Agriculture

Offering naturally sourced mineral micronutrients and high-solubility macronutrients to increase greenhouse yields in a sustainable, greener way.

Chemical Manufacturing

Quadra applies the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and offers a vast range of sustainable solutions and greener chemicals to chemical manufacturers.

Pulp & Paper

Quadra offers a vast range of sustainable chemical solutions and greener chemicals to the pulp & paper industry.

Cleaning and Formulating

From naturally sourced green surfactants to EPA Safer Choice products, Quadra offers a range of sustainable chemical solutions for the Cleaning industry.

Performance Adhesives & Specialties

Quadra offers sustainable solutions and greener chemical alternatives for bonding, coating, and laminating.


Offering No VOC and naturally sourced products, we can help you make a finished product certifiably green in the construction industry.


Quadra offers a wide range of sustainable chemical solutions and greener chemicals such as Zero and Low VOC and naturally sourced products.

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