Cleaning and Formulating

Quadra offers an extensive porfolio of specialty & commodity chemicals and additives, along with solid technical expertise to the HI&I Cleaning, Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids, and Oilfield Services sectors.

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Quadra is a major supplier of chemical products to customers who formulate and package cleaning solutions for Institutional and Industrial applications. Our broad range of products includes acids & alkalis, anti-microbials, anti-redispositioin agents, builders, chelants, foam modifers, oils & waxes, surface modification, processing aids, preservatives and solvents. We have strong supplier relationships to source surfactants including amphoterics, anionics, cationics, and non-ionics.

With on-staff chemists and chemical engineers we work with our customers to gain a solid understanding of their processes and needs in order to competently recommend the right materials and additives. Quadra’s in-house Regulatory experts can assist you in ensuring compliance to applicable requirements. Our national infrastructure of warehouse and distribution assures reliable, timely deliveries of key materials. Contact us to see how we demonstrate our value advantage.

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Subindustries / Market Segments

HI&I and Industrial Cleaning Services

Quadra is a major supplier of chemical ingredients to customers who formulate and package cleaning solutions for institutional and industrial applications.

Lubricants and Metalworking Fluids

Quadra is an active participant in this segment with reliable supply partners offering raw materials, ingredients and additives used in lubricants and metal working including technical grade mineral oils, amines, surfactants, and many others.

Pool Chemicals

A focused team of product managers and account managers enable Quadra to provide a variety of chemical ingredients and additives with proven solutions and superior service, along with the support of supplier partners who have global reach with cost effective solutions and superior quality products.