Chemical Manufacturing

Quadra’s global sourcing efforts and strong technical understanding bring real value to chemical synthesis companies. We provide not only quality intermediates, but also process & maintenance additives for controlling reaction rates, yields, and operational efficiency.

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chemical manufacturing

With competitive energy rates, availability of skilled labour, and investments in innovation expected to continue for the foreseeable future, North America’s chemical synthesis industry is expected to show steady growth and Quadra is dedicated to aligning its efforts accordingly. By working closely with our customers and suppliers, we become well versed with your process challenges and are able to offer creative, cost-saving solutions. Quadra has the chemical solutions and technical expertise to help you take your formulations to the next level. Our in-house regulatory experts assist you in ensuring compliance to applicable requirements. Key products we offer in this area include acids, alkalis, borates, carbonates, citrates, nitrates, oxides, phosphates, silicates, silicones, sulphates and many other chemistries used in a variety of chemical manufacturing processes.

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Subindustries / Market Segments

Chemical Synthesis

A dedicated product management team sources unique materials globally and works with trust and transparency alongside our most valued supply partners. Our sales professionals take the time to learn our customers’ processes and requirements, and are then able to provide the best product & service solutions.

Renewable Fuels

A rapidly growing market, renewable fuels production is important to our economy as well as our environment. With our intense focus on sustainability, Quadra is well-aligned with this industry segment.

Brewing & Distilling

The brewing and distilling industry has undergone a tremendous amount of change in recent years.The level of product innovation and market diversification has created the need for strong and flexible supply partners. Being quick on our feet means that we can assist with new product development and the supply of raw materials for rapid growth scenarios.

Water Treatment

Quadra offers an extensive array of products for various industrial and municipal markets. Our industry- specific coverage connects us to virtually all areas of treatment demand. And our strong supplier relationships ensure that the most effective options are offered.